Monday, December 06, 2010

Badvertising: Get Real, Get Jelly Belly

After reading this ad which brags,

"Jelly Belly Jelly Beans look and taste so authentic because we insist on using real ingredients whenever possible, like real blueberries, real pomegranate and real cherry juices (to name just a few)"
I couldn't resist heading over to Jelly Belly corporate headquarters to have a gander at their awesome "real" ingredients (as opposed to fake ones I suppose).

So what other real ingredients do you get besides a few fruit juices? Here's just a smattering.

Acidity Regulator: E330
Glazing Agents: E901, E903, E904
Colours: E102 [Tartrazine], E110, E132, E133, E150d, E171
Emulsifier: E332

Delicious! They might as well just be little fruits.

I really have to remember to plant a Glazing Agent E901 tree this year.