Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please step away from the Doggy-Bag.

Restaurant food's calories are non-intuitive, invisible, and insane!

I remember watching a recent TV show that had calorie counts from restaurant meals. This particular restaurant was a fancy-shmancy one. The kind with the big plates and the small, little portions in the middle.

Anyhow, this one lady decided to order a beet salad as an appetizer, followed by fish, served on vegetables, served on couscous.

Total calories for her meal? Over 2,100.


So let's say she was doing the pretty common dieting practice of only eating half her meal. She'd still be downing an astounding 1,050 for the meal (not including beverage or dessert).

And if she got a doggy-bag?

She'd be doing it again for lunch.

I get it. I'm thrifty too, and if I paid for it, I feel I ought to bring it home. But really, is it worth the calories?

My advice?

If it's an awesome meal - by all means, have it again for lunch, calories be damned.

But if it's not. If it's just a meal. Why not just leave those calories behind at the restaurant?

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