Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday Stories

Travis over at Obesity Panacea explains how while hCG is most assuredly not going to help you lose weight, it may help you develop mad cow disease.

The New York Times covers one school's efforts to reduce sugar in their students' diets.

A restaurant owner covers the dangers of Groupon.

Rolling Stone's got a crazy story about how two American college stoners became international arms dealers and land a $300 million covert CIA contract to supply Afghan rebels.

My friend, colleague and fellow blogger Scott covers the benefits and risks of folic acid supplementation for Science Based Medicine.

Meanwhile Sweat Science's Alex Hutchinson (who's book's coming out in May!), discusses the study, which I think may have been published in the Journal of Duh, whose conclusions Alex rightly takes issue with on the impact of nature on blood pressure.