Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Stories

According to the NYTs, eating disorders are on the rise in the orthodox Jewish community.

BNet's wonderful Melanie Warner reassures you your Japanese seafood isn't likely to glow in the dark.

Great piece on why public-private partnerships with health and food industries are anathema to public health.

Could this technology help even our most northern Canadian cities to grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year long

Globe and Mail and Sweat Science's Alex Hutchinson cover's Gary Taubes latest NYT Magazine piece on sugar.

I was thinking about writing about whether or not I believed in food addiction. That is I was thinking about writing it until I read this blog post by Elisa Zeid that pretty much summed up everything I'd been thinking about writing.

(And if you want more thoughts on food addiction, here's another view on the same subject by Marsha Hudnall)