Thursday, October 13, 2011

The food industry and health. Not even remotely on the same page.

I know I've had a great many posts lately on the food industry and how health by corporate necessity must take a back seat to profit.

So why am I flogging that horse again?

Because of a great, short and powerful video released by the Prevention Institute, which discusses the duplicity of corporate interests as they'd pertain to the corporate lip service that health matters, vs. the realities of the actions they take to protect their profits.

And while I readily agree there are truly thoughtful, caring and health concerned folks in each and every big food corporation (I've met some, and truly am not being even remotely sarcastic), it doesn't change the fact that they're singular voices in massive corporate entities which in turn are beholden to their shareholders and not to our or our childrens' health.

(email subscribers, the video's only 2 mins long and well worth a watch - head over to the blog and click away)