Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can Jamie Oliver, England's Prince of School Lunches, Fix Canadian Supermarket Sobeys?

A press release last week reported that celebrity chef and food activist Jamie Oliver, champion of school lunch reforms, signed a partnership with Canadian supermarket Sobeys to,
"educate, inspire and empower Canadians to eat better"
I suppose the good news for Jamie is that the only way left to go it would seem is up.

Have a gander up above at last week's Sobey's flyer that highlighted what they referred to as, "lunchbox favourites". Sure there are a few cans of fish, but then there's piles of salty white pasta, bags of actual candy, and a fruit drink.

Page 2 wasn't any better and features processed cheese, frozen waffles, cookies, chips, sugar spiked yogurt, pudding and more candy.

Fingers crossed for you Jamie!