Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Stories - Extended Edition (too many to list)

Cardiologist Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum with a thoughtful piece in the Atlantic on why she thinks improved resident doctor's sleeping did not improve patient care.

Valeena Elizabeth Beety with a scholarly piece in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice on weight bias in the courtroom.

An amazingly candid and hard hitting piece from super model Carre Otis on what life as a model was like for her.

A quick but useful read by prolific strength and conditioning specialist Lou Schuler with basic starting advice for anyone involved in or considering weight lifting.

If you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, here's this week's US News and World Report piece on the incredible arrogance of thinking "natural" means "good.

Almost lastly, here's my segment with the BBC series The Men Who Made Us Thin - here we discuss how exercise does not in and of itself tend to lead to weight loss as well as the food industry's sponsorship of sport (I come on a minute or two into the clip).

......and finally here's a bonus video of my friend Dick Talens, the founder of Fitocarcy talking about how it came to be on Small Empires (true story - I laughed out loud at the 11:59 mark or so)