Monday, February 10, 2014

Is the Heart and Stroke Foundation Rethinking its Candy Endorsement?

One of these things is not like the other
Just over 4 months ago I published a video chastising the Heart and Stroke Foundation for offering its front-of-package Health Check seal of approval to healthwashed candy. That video's been viewed nearly 45,000 times thus far, and I'd imagine has led to some embarrassment and soul searching for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Well I noticed something in the supermarket yesterday. Where there was once a sea of Health Checks in the healthwashed "fruit" gummi aisle, now there were fewer. Some products, like the one pictured up above, consisted of a mix of Health Check'ed boxes and plain, while others that I know used to be dressed with a Check, now were bare.

Unfortunately, even if the Health Check program stopped selling its Health Checks to candy makers it would still be painfully underpowered, but if these non Health Check'ed candies are truly reflective of a program change, it's certainly a welcome one.