Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Stories: No Sugar, Pay-to-Play Journals, Chemophobia, and Heart Healthy Foods

Slate's L.V. Anderson eviscerates the new book Year of No Sugar calling it "a How-To Manual for an Eating Disorder".

McGill's Joe Schwartz eats the Food Babe for breakfast in The Gazette and calls out her non-evidenced based chemophobic fear mongering.

Tom Spears in the Ottawa Citizen exposes the dark underbelly of "evidence-based" studies and the pay-to-play scientific journal industry.

And Summer Tomato's Darya Pino explains why she'll never tell you to eat heart healthy foods.

[And if you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, here's my piece from US News and World Report explaining how Oregon's ban on chocolate milk was anything but a backfire, here's a Random House giveaway for 5 signed copies of my book The Diet Fix, and here's Runner's World's Alex Hutchinson's Three Good Books on Nutrition column (spoiler, mine's one of them)]