Monday, June 09, 2014

American Youth Soccer Organization Encourages "Refueling" with Sugar and Fake Fruit

Because what could be better than chocolate syrup to refuel children after they play recreational soccer?

So I decided to poke around the American Youth Soccer Organization's (AYSO) site where I learned AYSO's selling your children's health not just to Nestlé's Nesquik, but also to Dole's creepy squishy "fruit" bags, "fruit" leather wrapped cheese sticks from Kerrygold, and to Herbalife, a company currently being sued for allegedly being a pyramid marketing scheme, and their so-called "H30 Fitness Drink".

Soccer parents - your kids don't need to "refuel" or to "recover" but if you're worried, how about water and orange slices just like this photo taken from AYSO's Facebook page that's reportedly circa 1965 where it would seem at least one commenter would agree and notes,
"Yes, back in those days we received orange slices and water! Now it's like a giant buffet".
[Thanks to Manning Peterson for sending the Nesquik partnership ad my way]