Monday, November 14, 2016

Ontario & Quebec Schools - A Food Industry Partnership You Should Explore

They're called Green Apple Grants and they're a program run by the Metro supermarket chain.

The $1,000 grants are available to every public and private elementary and high school in Ontario and Quebec and the grant applications are due by December 31st.

The grants are for projects designed to increase students' consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Schools can apply for up to two grants and past projects in other schools have included the establishment of school gardens, cooking classes, revamping school cafeteria options, hiring RDs or chefs to give workshops, and many more.

As to who can apply, anyone affiliated with the school (principal, teacher, professional advisors, nurses, etc.) can submit an idea with the principal’s approval.

The program has allocated $500,000 for Ontario schools, and $1,000,000 for Québec schools.

For more information and application instructions, have a tour of the Green Apple School Programs page here (and if you're in Québec make sure to hit the change province button).