Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congratulations to the Try-a-Tri'ers!

This past Saturday was the 4th annual Somersault Events' Dr. Freedhoff Try-a-Tri challenge.

Terry from Somersault changed the name after hearing about the "challenge".

The challenge was pretty simple - if my office inspires more than "x" people a year to try a triathlon then I have to run one too.

Every year we raise the number of people in the challenge and believe it or not, this year the number for me to run was 60!

I wanted to post my sincere congratulations to everyone who came out and competed. Seeing folks who never thought they'd ever run triathlons finish is yet another reason why I've got one of the best jobs ever.

For proof that I was there and ran, here's a video of me finishing. I'm posting it more for the reaction of the videographer (our fitness director Rob) who quite clearly demonstrates the appropriate response to hearing the adjective "famous" used to describe me.