Thursday, May 01, 2008

Health Check's Latest Atrocious Product Endorsement

Yup, Health Check, the nationally disgraced Heart and Stroke Foundation front of package labeling program, is at it again.

Today's inappropriately labeled-as-healthy product is Chapman's Dark Chocolate Rapture YogurtPlus.

Per half cup you'll be getting 3 teaspoons of sugar, 3 grams of fat, 85mg of sodium and 150 calories.

I'm sure a great many consumers will be thrilled to have a "healthy", Heart and Stroke Foundation endorsed alternative to ice cream.

Well, they shouldn't get too excited.

Comparing the Chapman's frozen yogurt to another Chapman's product, Chapman's Original Dutch Chocolate ice cream you'll find that the Chapman's Health Check'ed frozen yogurt contains an identical amount of sugar, 2 grams less fat, an identical amount of sodium and 25% MORE calories than an equivalent portion of ice-cream.

Comparing it to Chapman's Premium Vanilla Fudge Chunk ice cream described on Chapman's website as,

"the essence of indulgence"
you'll still find that the Health Check'ed yogurt has an identical amount of sugar, more sodium and more calories.

Gee thanks Heart and Stroke Foundation.

UPDATE July 23rd, 2009: Health Check's finally realized that dessert probably shouldn't get a Health Check and have removed the category that included this ridiculous product from their program!