Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chocolate Milk - 40 proof adult edition.

Here's a beverage that won't get sold in schools, Adult Chocolate Milk, a 40 proof version of one of my favourite dead horses tied to a whipping post.

Made by the Adult Beverage Company this chocolate milk is soon to be joined by their next batch of offerings, Adult Fruit Punch, Adult Limeaid and Adult Orange Cream.

While I have no idea as to the intentions of the owners of the Adult Beverage Company, seeing this product brought to mind the concept of "alcopops" - beverages where the sugar content belies the alcohol and hence are often the drink of choice of teens (especially girls).

It also reminding me of a great quote from Terry Hopper, the then national sales manager of Sublime Hard Lemonade,

"This is the perfect ‘bridging beverage’ [between carbonated fruit juices and the new hard lemonades]"
I bet Terry would love this stuff.