Saturday, November 13, 2010


An exceedingly rare Sunday post.

A quickie.

I've blogged before about England being the dumbest place on earth when it came to health policy.

Well here's another statement. Andrew Lansley is the stupidest Health secretary or minister that the world has ever seen. Or the most corrupt.

Because only intense stupidity or deep corruption can explain his plan to allow folks like PepsiCo, McDonald's and KFC to write actual governmental obesity prevention policy in England.

I had already predicted that due to the decisions of Andrew Lansley in 20 years or so Britain will be crowned the fattest nation on earth. Perhaps he's trying to hit that goal in 10?

From this day forward on my blog (and other bloggers, feel free to come onboard), anytime an elected Health official makes a wantonly stupid decision, I'll be reporting it as a Lansley!

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  1. I should go back to bed this Sunday too early morning. I read too much news on food and industry and this one must be wrong.
    Lansley should ask the big members of Food industry to comply and accept and be willing to apply the health policy. Not to elaborate them.
    The food sub-group on calories is even chaired by PepsiCo. Something wrong with this article.
    I need some rest. I go back to bed...

    to read more:

  2. I vote for utterly and completely corrupt.

  3. Nothing shocks me anymore. Now Dr. Ornish is shilling for Mars … home of Milky Way, Skittles, Starbursts and more …