Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tim Horton's new death by chocolate

Not sure if they're South of the border but here in Canada, Tim Horton's has taken to the airwaves to sell their new, "Hot Chocolate Supreme", and, "Triple Chocolate Donuts".

The hot chocolate is advertised as hot chocolate with chocolate syrup, while the triple chocolate donuts are stuffed with some fudgy like substance.

I couldn't resist peeking at their nutritional information.

Grab a medium hot chocolate supreme along with a triple chocolate donut and you'll be consuming 640 calories, 0.4g of trans fat, 590mg of sodium and 18.25 teaspoons of sugar!

That's more than 2 Snickers bars worth of calories, more sodium than 2 gas station sized bags of Ruffles and just a hair less sugar than you'd find in 3 cans of Coca Cola.