Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Stories

Who cut the cheese? Fantastic New York Times piece on how the US government is simultaneously talking weight loss while actively pushing high calorie cheese.

James Fell has a great piece on the blather in the grocery store checkout aisle. My favourite line had to be his query regarding the juice that apparently leads to a 9lb weekly weight loss, "Lose nine pounds in one week? Is the juice made out of tapeworms?"

A pilot tells that the terrorists have won. Sadly I don't disagree.

Arya Sharma wonders whether or not the FDA is stifling obesity drug research.

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  1. A bit of bad news in the news this week. I do not seem to have seen any of these stories but as a frequent plane traveller I have to agree with the terribleness of airport security

  2. Lose 9 pounds in a week lol. Gotta love it. I'm surprised it doesnt read "Lose 9 pounds in a week so that you can go right back to eating like you normally do"

    Thanks for the articles!