Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday Stories

Pharmacist and blogging buddy Scott Gavura reviews just how crazy Health Canada is when it comes to Natural Health Products.

Dietitian Rosie Schwartz takes on fat bashing.

Pop food scientist J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (if you don't follow him on Twitter or on Serious Eats you really should @TheFoodLab) debunks the myth of the never-rotting McDonald's burger.

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  1. I just read Rosie Schwartz's excellent article that you linked to. Then I read the comments--just as, if not more vicious than Maura Kelly's original firestorm provoking article. I don't know how to educate such small-minded, ill-informed individuals. It's very depressing.

  2. Maura Kelly's comments are like the one person that stands up an incites the crowd. The commenters below this article are like the lynch mob. Depressing for sure, but also frigtening and angering.