Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I Shit You Not - Presenting McDonald's Summer Camp for Kids Age 6-12

Truly, it's almost beyond words.

It's summer camp. For elementary school kids. At McDonald's in the Philippines. And it's been running since 1991.

What will the campers do there?

They'll serve as free child labour for McDonald's. No, really. According to the Kiddie Crew homepage,
"During each workshop day, Kiddie Crew members will get to experience on-floor training like greeting customers and assisting the crew at the drive-thru and front counters; showcase their skills through creative art workshops; and learn the importance of hard work, discipline and teamwork, through values formation lessons."

And there'll be lots of positive branding opportunities for them as well - including this awesome camp song (really, it's so insane you have to click it):

And if you think you can stomach it, here's McDonald's own 10 minute video highlighting the the week-long, imerssive advertisement that parents actually pay McDonald's to sear into their kids' brains.

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  1. Wow! Ronald McDonald is the Joe Camel of fast food. Sad to see such young kids so immersed in this kind of branding. #MomsNotLovinIt

  2. OMG! It has to be explained some how by gov't and culture and of course money!

  3. They are being trained to replace Canadian workers through the Temporary Workers Program...indoctrinate them early

  4. Holy fuck. Excuse the language, but parents are seriously signing their kids up for this 5 day haunted house? This generation. I swear. And I'm 19 so I AM this generation.

    The fact that McDonald's is using this program to manipulate kids into thinking that this "job" is a creative and impactful outlet makes me want to throw up all the cereal I just ate.