Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Visionary Quotes from 1929 Obesity Textbook - On Weight Loss

A patient of mine brought in this fantastic 1929 medical diet book. Over the next few days I'm going to post some of my favourite quotes, starting with the best of all:
"The movement to prevent unwise and fanatical reduction in body weight must be considered as an activity of preventive medicine worthy the consideration of every intelligent man or woman".

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  1. Nice! I love finding sources like that, and I recently discovered a Norwegian book on food security from 1939 ("Current dietary issues in Norway"), where one of the authors writes (my own translation):

    «Even if we do not know all the particulars, we now with enough confidence how the diet should be to protect health, build up a healthy generation, look after mother and child, combat tooth decay and reduce the indicidence of several other diseases.

    Why is there still so much confusion? That is not so difficult to explain when thinking about the causes of much of the propaganda being spread over the country. One can say that there are three different things that characterize the informational work:

    1. Sober, science-based knowledge.
    2. Secterian biases and fanaticism, faulty assessment methods.
    3. Commercial interests or other economical interests.

    It is on the basis of these three that today's housewife is being influenced, and the uncontrolled mixture of all this has lead to confusion, because the single housewife seldom has the qualifications to separate the wheat from the chaff.»

  2. The sad thing is that even recommendations put forth by the medical community over the very recent past have proven to be misguided--very low fat diets and subsequent increased triglyceride levels and cardiac risk, for instance, not to mention hormone replacement in post menopausal women. Just wait til there's evidence that the megadosing recommendation to increase blood levels of vit D are misguided! It's only a matter of time.