Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Stories: Must Watch on ISIS, Pastafarians, Ebola, and Health Care.

VICE and their must watch full length story on ISIS. As one of the comments on my Facebook page put it, this is the stuff of World War 3.

CTV's Josh Elliot covers the story of a British Columbia man who is citing his right to religious freedom as rationale for not taking off the colander he wears on his head when having his driver's license renewed (which by the way is something you are legally allowed to do in a number of countries including the United States and the Czech Republic (as seen up above)).

The Toronto Star's Jennifer Yang and her harrowing story of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Journalist Matthew Herper with a fabulous piece on what he learned about health care when his cat died.

[And if you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, here's a piece I did for The Globe and Mail on embracing imperfections as a path to success.]

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  1. In the Islamic State documentary, watching how the officials patrolled the streets and enforced rules... this is very reminiscent of the kind of hold the Soviet Union had on its countries. The intimidation tactics, the severe punishments, a population living in fear... This repeats over and over.

  2. I am a Muslim, and the ISIS does not represent me. The documentary is a biased one, and people cannot say what they believe or really feel, because of fear. The situation is sad in the Middle East. The populations over there are striving for freedom and justice after being ruled by dictators for so long, but other unwanted groups such as the ISIS took the chance of the chaos and insecurity to rule under killing and horrifying people.