Sunday, February 04, 2007

Canada's Food Guide - Crystal Ball Edition

So what will have changed from the draft Food Guide to this one?

I've hauled out my crystal ball and here are my predictions:

  1. There will now be a reference to eat foods without added salt.
  2. The words "trans-fats" will indeed appear at least once in the document.
  3. Instead of being a ridiculous 8 pages long, it will be a slightly less ridiculous 6 pages long.
  4. The wording on whole grains will have changed from, "Make half your grains whole" to "Make at least half your grains whole.
And that's it.

There will be no mention of junk food, no guidance on Calories, no call to minimize red meat consumption, no change in the contradictory messages between words and pictures (like having a picture of a T-bone in the meat section but in the word section stating choose lean cuts), no strong emphasis on healthy fat consumption, dairy will still be a category unto itself, and Big Food will still be congratulated as helpful and important stakeholders.

It strikes me as especially fitting that the launch of this guide will be assisted by the Secretary of State for Agriculture, because the Guide will likely cater far more to the food industry and Agribusiness than it will to health.

Stay tuned.