Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Terrifically Bad Snack

McDonald's has just launched a new "Snack" food.

Called the Snack Wrap and specifically designed to be eaten with one hand while gripping the steering wheel with the other, this Franken-Snack contains 330 calories and includes 4.5grams of saturated fat, 1gram of trans-fat and a staggering 780mg of sodium (more than 30% of daily recommended values).

Again, I never knock corporations for giving consumers what they want because that's their job, but I do find it remarkable that only one day after McDonald's announced that it was replacing it's frying oils with trans-fat free versions, that they release a product containing trans-fat.

To read more about McDonald's and it's corporate drive, read this great article in business week on how McDonald's has managed to continue it's incredible market growth.

A great quote in the article comes from James Skinner, McDonald's CEO,

"We've learned. We've evolved. We believe we've cracked the code in the United States. It's a simple secret, actually: Americans like to eat all day long."
A very simple secret indeed.