Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Nail in the Low-Fat Coffin

Hot off the presses.

322 obese folks randomized to one of 3 diets for 2 years: Low-fat, Mediterranean or Low-Carb.

An amazing 84.6% adherence rate at 2 years!

The results?

Not spectacular in terms of actual amount of weight loss but significant in terms of who lost what.

  • 3.3kg in 2 years for study completers in the low-fat group.
  • 4.6kg in 2 years for study completers in the Mediterranean group
  • 5.5kg in 2 years for study completers in the low-carb group.

    Metabolic parameters were also better in the Mediterranean and low-carb groups versus low fat for cholesterol numbers, fasting insulin and glycemic control.

    Bottom line?

    Blindly low-fat diets do not appear to be as effective for weight loss OR for health as other dietary approaches.

    National eating guidelines and guidelines from medical organizations need to start changing their recommendations and letting go of an outdated and now unsupported approach for the blanket reduction in dietary fat as either a means to improve health or weight loss.

    It's my opinion that blindly low-fat diets, whether for weight-loss or for health, are dead horses as far as the evidence is concerned.

    How much ya wanna bet people keep beating them?