Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Have Something Nice to Say about the Heart and Stroke Foundation

My internal sources over at the Heart and Stroke Foundation tell me that the higher ups over there think the reason I'm so critical of their atrocious mis-information program (Health Check) is due to the Foundation's vocal support of another mis-information program - Canada's Food Guide.

While there's no doubt that the Foundation's support of the Food Guide wasn't an evidence based move, my disgust with Health Check isn't personal - it's professional.

Proof comes here where I've got something nice to say about the Heart and Stroke Foundation as they've cofunded (along with the University of British Columbia) a fantastic new google mashup for Vancouver that helps cyclists pick the best routes.

The mashup, allows google style directions but includes information pertinent to cyclists including:

  • Major streets vs. alternative streets and dedicated cycling paths
  • Least traffic pollution
  • Least elevation gain
  • Most vegetated route
  • Shortest path route
  • Restricted maximum slope

  • If you're in Vancouver and you're a cyclist be sure to check it out by clicking here. If you're in the rest of the country, let's hope the Heart and Stroke Foundation helps roll it out to the rest of us.

    Thanks Heart and Stroke Foundation