Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chatelaine Sticks it to Health Check

Canada's answer to Cosmopolitan has something not nice to say about Health Check, the Heart and Stroke Foundation's mis-information program?


On page 71 of the August issue of Chatelaine is an article entitled, "How to Decode Food Labels". It's a 4 step process, and unfortunately the article's not available in full online.

Here's step four (emphasis mine):


Marketing symbols like Health Check and PC Blue Menu can be distracting, but stay vigilant. These designations don't have to follow standardized criteria the way nutrition labels do. "Just because it has the stamp doesn't mean it's the best option out there," says Yong (a Vancouver dietitian), who recommends going the extra mile by comparing and contrasting the food labels of similar products to find your healthiest bet."
I love the fact that Chatelaine magazine, not exactly a magazine known for its health reporting, is able to see through the smoke and mirrors of Health Check's deceptive advertising and hits the nail right on the head rightly labeling Health Check a, "Marketing symbol".

The most ironic part?

Remember how a few months ago I blogged about the fact that rather than fix their awful program the Heart and Stroke Foundation has apparently elected to simply spend money on huge advertisements?

Well, not 6 pages after the Chatelaine swipe are not one, but two Health Check ads. One is a full page (page 78) and the other a half page right beside.

I'm guessing they'll be getting some discounted ads in the next issue.

[Congratulations to blog reader and friend Brad, his wife Tracy and their son Jack on the birth of future Weighty Matters reader Wilson]