Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parental "No" Files: Ontario Science Centre Edition

Well it's sort of a feel good story.

A while back journalist Angela Mulholland noticed something strange at the Ontario Science Centre - as part of their video games exhibit the cafeteria was selling what they called "Gamer Grub" which in turn was a horrific combination of a 591ml soda, a bag of chips and a chocolate bar.

Well, there were complaints and after nearly 3 months the Science Centre changed the offering.

Now don't get me wrong, the now named, "Smart Gamer's Combo" is world's better and in that sense this is a feel good story.

But two questions for me remain.

1. Why would the Science Centre want to perpetuate the un-scientific (and un-smart) notion that gaming requires fuel at all?

2. And even if gaming did require fuel, why would the Science Centre suggest that "smart" gamers' fuel should at least partially be made up of candy (in this case the nutritional black hole that is a Rice Krispie square)?