Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday Stories: Drug Edition! Oxycontin, Cocaine and Coca-Cola

No doubt one of my favourite TV shows of all time was The Wire, a David Simon series on drug culture and policing in Baltimore. In this great piece on The Raw Story he "eviscerates the dystopia creating war on drugs".

A fascinating (long) piece from the New York Times on how cocaine overlords make money.

And today's truly must read piece from Human Journalism, The “Coca-Colization” of Mexico, the Spark of Obesity (and they have the gall to say they're working hard to be part of obesity's solution)

For my Ottawa readers - CHEO is conducting a study to validate a new kids food menu. If you've got (or are) a kid between the ages of 10-17 and want more details, click here.

[And if you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, here's this week's US News and World Report column on which you should treat first - weight or depression as well as a brief piece I did in support of a talk I'll be giving in Vermont...this on the world's unwitting sugar soldiers]