Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Washington State Dairy Council Serving Kids Dessert for Breakfast

And not only serving it to them, but encouraging them to eat it so that they get entered into a contest to win an iPad as you can see from this poster that was up in a Bethel, Washington elementary school (and kindly, anonymously, punted my way).

This dairy industry funded scheme leads me to ask two questions: 1. Is dessert for breakfast a better plan than no breakfast? 2. Is advertising breakfast dessert to elementary school kids as being something that will improve their grades, give them more energy and make them more friends wise?

Not saying I know the answers, but certainly I have to believe that someone who actually cared about kids' nutrition could have found a non-dessert offering that would have fit the bill.

BTW - this contest/promotion conducted in Washington's Bethel school district - one I've covered before when their district's actual child nutrition staff literally sold fundraising fast food pizzas - clearly the "nutrition" folks over in Bethel's school district are in the ends-justify-the-means camp of selling out health for dollars.

[And in case you're interested, here's this dessert's nutritional breakdown....it's basically a bowl of sugar]