Monday, July 07, 2008

Calgary Stampede Serves New Zealand Beef?

Thanks to my Calgarian friend Julie the strange world we live in column just grew one item longer.

Julie's one of those multi-tasking folks...CBC reporter, chef, cookbook author, blogger, mom etc. and apparently she's kicked up something of a sh*tstorm when her reporting uncovered the fact that the beef at the Calgary Stampede, one of Alberta's premiere tourist attractions, comes from New Zealand and Wichita Kansas despite the fact that beef is, as aptly reported by Julie, "Alberta's signature agricultural product".

Another example of how at the end of the day sadly it's all about the almighty dollar.

[Be sure to check out Julie's remarkable blog Dinner With Julie where she's been chronicling through photographs, prose and recipes ever dinner she and her family eat for the year (she's up to day 188)]

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  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    It could be a mad cow issue. New Zealand isn't generally thought to have a mad cow problem. Alberta, unfortunately, has had some cases.

    I can't explain the Wichita beef, though.

  2. Anonymous2:09 pm

    I sure hope that Julie used her connection to CBC to let the public know about this. I'm curious if the vendors selling meat at the Stampede will be telling the tourists that it is Alberta Beef.

  3. NZ Beef is the best in the world surely.