Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Movie Popcorn Just Got Worse!

I think most people know that as far as nutrition goes, movie popcorn is killer. Even without butter, large movie popcorns can run you well over 1,200 calories.

So how did movie popcorn get worse?

Well at least at Cineplex now we're being offered free packets of "flavouring" to shake onto our popcorn.

Having recently been at the movies my wife and I shared a small popcorn and we decided to try the white cheddar shaker.

Turning it over pre-shake I was astounded to learn that basically it was a packet of flavoured salt - 1,470mg or roughly a day's worth.

They're serving it to kids and seniors too - more than a day's worth.

But no MSG....

Gee thanks Cineplex!

[Kevin and Brad, please consider this my formal nomination for the next National Salt Lick Award.]

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  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    A day's worth? But the package says 61% of your daily value. Is the "official" daily value inflated?

    I think I'm more concerned about the 10% daily value of saturated fat... which is partly trans-fat.

  2. The package's 61% refers to the old daily recommended value.

    The newer one's 1,500mg daily for adults and 1,200 for kids and seniors.

  3. Kevin1:19 pm

    Nomination accepted!