Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Captain America runs on Dunkin'?

And here I thought Captain America was supposed to be a super hero.

Turns out he's a super shill.

What's he hocking?

Dunkin' Donut's "Captain America Cherry Coolata"

Grab a large like the Captain America in the advertisement, and you'll be grabbing 480 calories, and 30 teaspoons of sugar.

That's more calories than a McChicken Sandwich, and the sugar equivalent of 3 cans of Coca Cola!

If America wants to run on Dunkin', they'd better run a lot!

(email subscribers, if you want to watch the video, you'll have to hit the blog)

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  1. Anonymous7:30 am

    Hi there,

    I have only recently discovered your blog. I have been working my way through the archives. There is so much great, thought provoking information! Your earlier posts are well thought out and relevant. I have to say though, the newer ones have left me quite disappointed.

    The fast food industry is using a cartoon super hero to sell their wares? Thank you Captain Obvious! This is not new information.

    I recognize that to keep the blog current, it is often recommended to post daily. But I would suggest a return to classic Yoni. Fewer, well thought out, relevant and informative posts.
    Sorry for the rant. Your blog is the first thing i read in the morning and this has been percolating for a few weeks!

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do!

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    Wow anonymous.

    You're a dick.

  3. Anonymous33:23 pm

    I disagree, anonymous1. As an overweight person living in a culture saturated with junk food and quick-fix foods (you know, why teach your kids to eat plants when you can just serve them a Kidz5aday chocolate milkshake with vegetable powder?!), I find these posts very useful. They're a good reminder of how shocking some of these perfectly normal, familiar foods are. It keeps everything in perspective.

  4. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hi, it's me. The dick.

    your're right anon3, I hadn't thought about it from that perspective. This type of post does reinforce the other good information that the Doc offers, and maybe aren't just there as filler.
    And this is the type of post that will get people tweeting. which i suppose the goal then is to draw them to the blog.

    But i suppose my point is, he can achieve both in a single post. a little "wow how horrible is a big mac" will draw people in to the blog or tweets, but maybe offer some advice, or share some experience. Or put some kind of spin to get people thinking a little.

  5. Anonymous4:52 pm

    You mean spin like to put it in perspective that the beverage contains the same number of calories as a McChicken and the sugar of 3 cokes?

    Yeah, that'd be a good idea.

    Hey, waitaminute.....

  6. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post, my last one didn't appear.

    No, that's not the kind of spin I meant. What I mean is, hook them with the schock statement re calories, then direct them to useful info i.e. here are tips on phasing junkfood out of your diet, or dealing with sugar withdrawal or how to teach your kids to not adopt these habits in the first place.

  7. Anonymous8:47 am

    Have you ever thought that sugar not only affects weight but also behavior?, I resently moved to Long Island, Ny and I'm horrified about the kids and parents "behavior". Everybody is so paranoid about portecting their child from other people but seems like nobody care anymore about love and communicating with your kid. It is incredible see those kids running like speeding machines after eating all that sugar. It is easier to let them go and be hipper than hugging them and tell them I love you or demonstrating affection. They use the excuse of ADD, ADHD, Autism so they don't have to have a relationship with their own family. Lets spend money in doctors, or extra activities when the solution is very simple, feed them well and you'll have a wonderful, healthy and happier kid ( and in consequence happier parents too). And don't take me wrong, I have a 6 years old boy and that is why I can see directly this problem.