Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Stories

Yale's David Katz schools us on saturated fats.

Marion Nestle helps to decode the dirty dozen (pesticides).

LOVED this piece in Forbes about alternative medicine, written in response to this woo-laden piece in the Atlantic.

Also loved this post from Respectful Insolence's ORAC who in turn was responding to the Atlantic woo-article's author's response to ORAC's original criticisms regarding the same source article.

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  1. Are you a member of the HealthFraud listserve?

  2. There are lots of things wrong with the article at Forbes.

    As a person that has multiple syndromes, but no actual diagnosis, I am largely disappointed with Western Medicine.

    How on earth can a doctor diagnose a systemic issue if you are only allowed to bring up 1 problem per visit??? Many of the doctors I have gone to over the years have this asinine rule, so they can treat a person in less than 10 minutes. Seriously???

    I have about 6 syndromes. I hate syndromes. They aren't a diagnosis, they are a cop out. And heck if a naturopath or a alternative medicine guy can "cure" whatever with a placebo, more power to him. For me it is still a better level of life. Even if it is only my messed up head telling me it is better.

    I have had more success with 2 visits to naturopaths than about 8 years of weekly/monthly doctor visits. I started out as completely disabled and thanks to those naturopaths I am attempting to go back to work.

    Western Medicine does not acknowledge food intolerances as having any effect on health, except allergies and celiacs, which is stupid. Any young mother can tell you that her baby does not react well to such and such food.

    Honestly, I am very careful with what information I believe from a doctor or naturopath. If I have a bullet wound I would not seek a naturopath and if I have a syndrome I no longer seek a doctor.

  3. The comments in the Katz article were much more interesting. Seems Dr. Katz is getting schooled by many of his readers!

  4. Hi Frugal Dietitian,

    If by the HealthFraud listserv you mean Quackwatch's listserv, then yes I am.