Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ads Inside your Children's Schoolbuses?

If you live in South Carolina, that horrifying headline is about to come true.

According to Brandweek, the caring folks that make up the South Carolina Department of Education have sold out your children by allowing advertisers to pay school districts $2,100 per month per bus for an 11 inch strip of advertising above their school buses' windows.

Think it's unconscionable?

Clicking here will take you to a form to send Jim Rex, the elected Superintendent of Education in South Carolina, an email.

Or you can call his office at: 803.734.8500

Does everything always come down to money?

[Story and conceptual photo via the wonderful blog Consumerist]

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  1. That totally reminds me of a panel discussion I went to last night on potentially introducing an Afro-centric school/curriculum to Montreal. One of the panellists definitely suggested looking to the corporate world for resources and I cringed. I mean, it's completely possible to consider only ethical corporations, but how many of them are out there that can support schools and all that?

  2. Kraft Peanut butter is advertised in my school bus. It is a very annoying ad.