Friday, February 08, 2008

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Flying Pig

I swear a pig just flew by my window.

According to the Wall Street Journal KFC is considering a, "nonfried chicken platform".

One can only hope that doesn't mean a literal platform made entirely of non-fried chickens because that would certainly not help their recent run-ins with PETA and would be rather vile to boot.

You know what else they have that may be definable as vile to boot? Their famous bowls which are the subject of today's Funny Friday video featuring comedian Patton Oswald.

(Please be forewarned - not safe for work or young ears - Patton, like many comics, really likes using the f-word)

Email subscribers, to see the video you usually need to actually visit the website.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Anonymous9:27 am

    It'd be funnier if this guy didn't look like the target market for those bowls. Whatever he's eating he needs to eat less of it.

  2. Ever had the problem of deciding whether to eat your friend chicken or drink your coke because you just didn't have enough hands?

    This place has combined it to make one super cup - coke on the bottom, fried chicken on the top.

    At least they aren't mixed together, I guess.


  3. Anonymous7:48 am

    regarding the first post...(sorry to drag down the funniness factor here) but did it occur to you that this guy might have actually weighed 80 lbs more before and is now on an enlightened journey to healthier lifestyle :) I just ask, because at 200lbs (previously 245lbs) I run half marathons, rock climb, hike, mountain bike, and I definitely would NOT be caught dead eating the crap at KFC. So ya, I agree, he needs to eat less, but maybe he's already doing that. Just a thought for those of us who judge others without complete information :)