Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feng Shui at McDonald's?


According to the press release,

"The restaurant combines elements of water located on the exterior of the dining area, symbolizing life and relaxation, with elements of fire and red accents throughout the dining area to symbolize good luck, laughter and light. The dining area also features symmetrically balanced seating arrangements in earth tone shades, pendant lights to warm up the interior, an elevated PlayPlace and three plasma televisions."
Because nothing says Feng Shui like plasma screen televisions?

So why Feng Shui? According to owner/operator Mark Brownstein,
"We chose a Feng Shui design that creates a soothing environment for our customers to better enjoy their dining experience"

Dining experience?

People "dine" at McDonald's?

Wouldn't even the weakest definition of "dining" include cutlery?

Only in LA.

[Photo via Eater]

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  1. theresa11:31 am

    they also need mood lighting and a curved drive thru.

  2. "Triggering the Grand Irrationality?"

    Cowering in an obscure corner of the food pyramid

    somewhere between the tofu and the unflavored yogurt

    contemplating the juxtaposition of intangibles for all you are worth.....

  3. When you said "dine at McDonald's", It reminded me of a game I played at a teen in my youth group, we would dress up in our fancy-est clothes and go to McDonald's bringing silver ware and plates and one of us would act as the waiter.
    It got many a stare from the workers and other 'dinners' as well.
    Fun times, but it points out the ludicrousness of anyone thinking that McDonald's was fine dining!

  4. lol, reminded me of the scene in Demolition Man when the Sandra bullock's character was all impressed and giddy over going to taco bell..
    that it was the most amazing dining experience..

  5. the restaurant's owners say the designs are aimed at creating a soothing setting that will encourage diners to linger over their burgers and .feng shui