Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The McTeacher

You've got to hand it to McDonald's, no one can ever say they aren't innovative in ways to integrate themselves into the educational system and healthcare.

Today I'll be serving up McTeachers.

Apparently McDonald's McTeacher night has been around for some time. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle from 2002 reported that it has been around since 2000 and back in 2002 included 2,500 schools in 14 States.

So what happens on McTeacher night?

Well if you're a teacher you end up behind the counter at McDonald's; if you're a student you end up going to McDonald's to order your teachers around; and if you're a school you end up pocketing a percentage of all the cash that exchanges hands.

In 2002 apparently that percentage amounted to $500,000.

One of the teachers interviewed by the Chronicle had some concerns with the program,

"We will be endorsing a product that contributes to the epidemic of childhood obesity and heart disease, even though the state dictates that we teach students to avoid junk food"
"This is exploiting teachers for a real, live McDonald's commercial"

A quick Google search shows that the McTeacher program is anything but dead with reports from across the USA of successful McTeacher events.

Recently some uproar has hit the press again in Maryland and in Washington where the chair of Montgomery County's Council's Health and Human Services Committee asked,
"Would we have a school fundraiser at a cigarette store?"
I wonder how long until this hits Canada?

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  1. Anonymous8:17 pm


    Your thoughts on this?

  2. I guess the problem is school funding. I myself belong to an organization that always tries to find bigger and better ways to raises funds. I also, in the past, have bee the sole organizer of fund raising efforts for sports teams. Making money for the target recipient is the primary goal. And because this McDonald's event raises such a large amount of money for the school in question it is hard to ignore that. Sadly, caught in the cross fire of the all mighty dollar is the issue of child hood obesity. I am on the fence on this one. Schools needing funding or the one night event being thought of as a detriment to society. I just don't think a one night event will truly impact the long lives of the children, by way of making them think McDonald's is a healthy choice.

    Tough call

  3. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Montana's has a school reading program.