Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold

The press release reads,

"Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold(TM) is one example of Kellogg Company's continued commitment to provide better-for-you options that moms can feel good about."
While Kellogg's Director of Nutrition Marketing (there's an evil sounding moniker) Jennifer Garrett says,
"Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold(TM) offers better-for-you nutrition that will satisfy moms and a great taste that kids will love"
Better for you than what Jennifer?

Better for you than regular Frosted Flakes?

Not so sure.

Better than a bowl filled with white sugar?


Good for you?

Probably a stretch.

Compared with regular Frosted Flakes your added benefits include 1 whole gram less of sugar (1/4 of a teaspoon less), 1 whole gram more protein and 2 whole grams more fibre.

Oh, and compared to regular Frosted Flakes the Gold version also has 36% more salt.

Similarities include sugar being the second ingredient on both, identical calories, and identical micro-nutrient breakdowns.

The press release also expounds on the fact that they're "baked with honey" as if that's a healthier and more nutritious form of sugar.

Sugar is sugar, God sugar, man sugar and bee sugar - they're all just sugar.

My advice - if you happen to try them and love the taste, eat 'em, but please don't buy them because you think they're better for you than other sugary cereals 'cause they're not.

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  1. How much did the company spend to redesign the box, "bake" the honey on, and dust with a skiff of whey powder. They could have more easily removed the frosting. Shoppers everywhere think they are going to be served well by Kellogg for making a better product. It is just another sweet product, with more sodium so it doesn't taste too sweet! AAaarrrghgh!

  2. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Not only are cold cereals often unhealthy, they are often less economical or tasty than alternatives. I think they are just trying to trick people into pretending they are healthy: a self-conscious and embarrassing attempt to justify their existence as something other than a convenience product.

    Oatmeal tastes good by itself, and you can always add things like nuts and apples to it (old mushy apples work well), and as much sugar and salt as you like. It takes 7 minutes to make in the microwave (I have a weak microwave). Use a 4 cup measuring cup to cook it in (large, to prevent boil over).

    And rolled oats, while having gone up in price lately, are usually 4 to 16 times less expensive, by weight, than than popular heavily processed cereals. Cereals are a massive consumer rip-off.

    You would have to be mightlily productive to justify spending so much more on cold cereal to save 5 minutes of time. In many ways, cold cereal equals fast food, and people should, rationally, learn to think of it in those terms.

  3. Yes the health part is ridiculous, but having personally tried them, they taste great, I always found frosted flakes to taste like sugar more than anything else, but these definitely have more corny/honey flavor to them.