Monday, February 18, 2008

Sign of the Times - Boy Scouts Healthy Eating Badge

If you're a Beaver Scout in the UK, check out the new badge - it's the Healthy Eating activity badge.

Not sure what it says about society. Maybe this is a great idea. Of course even if it is, it makes me a little sad.

Our world is spiraling faster and faster away from healthy living.

Even if you think it sounds like a great idea, what does the eager Beaver Scout need to do to get the badge?

According to ScoutBase UK he's got to:

1. Make a fruit salad
2. Make a healthy snack
3. Make two different sandwiches
4. List some unhealthy foods

Wanna know what they think a healthy snack is (emphasis is mine not theirs)?

"Examples of healthy snacks include omelette, salad, mini pizzas, strawberry smoothie, homemade meatballs, etc."
Yup, it's a strange world alright.

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  1. Jack at Fork & Bottle6:54 pm

    I'm betting the smoothies will, on average, turn out the least healthiest. (Well, esp. if it was done in the U.S.)

    The idea is great. But the execution, once again, is terrible.

  2. Well, I think it's sad, but not because "we're spiralling away from healthy eating" (rather anachronistic, considering that more and more people are going on strict special diets to be healthy).

    I think healthy eating shouldn't be a moral operative, and it's sad that children are taught that it's a virtue.

  3. Actually, where I live (Italy) pizza is considered healthy. And it is. Dough, cheese, tomato sauce and vegetables. How is that unhealthy?

    And as Deniselle said, eating healthily isn't a moral issue. Food isn't 'good' or 'bad'. Check out or HAES on Wikipedia for a different perspective on food and eating.